Generated Badges

Build & Deploy npm version

Create a badge using GitHub Actions and GitHub Workflow CPU time (no 3rd parties servers)


$ npm i generated-badges -g

Command Help

Usage: generated-badges [options] [--help|h]


  --version, -v   Show version number.
  --help, -h      Displays help information.
  --output, -o    Output svg image path.
  --label, -l     The left label of the badge, usually static.
  --labelColor    <Color RGB> or <Color Name> (default: '555')
  --style         Badges style: flat, classic.
  --status, -s    Override default status text.
  --scale         Set badge scale (default: 1).
  --color, -c     <Color RGB> or <Color Name> (default: 'blue').'
  --gradient, -g  Adding a gradient to a badge.'


  generated-badges --output coverage/badges.svg
  generated-badges --style classic
  generated-badges --color red
  generated-badges --gradient c05cff --gradient fa5b37

Github Actions

- run: mkdir -p build

- name: Generate Badges
  uses: jaywcjlove/generated-badges@main
    label: color
    status: cyan
    output: build/cyan.svg

- name: Deploy
  uses: peaceiris/actions-gh-pages@v3
    github_token: xxxxxxx
    publish_dir: ./build

Available color names:

blue badges cyan badges green badges yellow badges red badges pink badges purple badges grey badges black badges gradient badges

Input Parameters

Output Parameters


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