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Parcel 2 plugin for loader markdown string, markdown output HTML.

⚠️ parcel-plugin-markdown-string => parcel-transformer-markdown

- parcel-plugin-markdown-string 
+ parcel-transformer-markdown

Example usage

Install the plugin

npm install parcel-transformer-markdown --save-dev


  "extends": "@parcel/config-default",
  "transformers": {
    "*.md": [ "parcel-transformer-markdown" ]


<!DOCTYPE html>
<div id="root"></div>
<script type="module" src="index.js"></script>

Output HTML string

Import your markdown files! Output HTML string.

import HTMLStr from './';

console.log(HTMLStr) // => Output HTML string.
document.body.innerHTML = HTMLStr;

Output Markdown string

// .markedrc
  "marked": false
import str from './';

console.log(str) // => Output Markdown string.
document.body.innerHTML = str;


Marked can be configured using a .markedrc, .markedrc.js, or marked.config.js file. See the Marked API Reference for details on the available options.

Note: .markedrc.js and marked.config.js are supported for JavaScript-based configuration, but should be avoided when possible because they reduce the effectiveness of Parcel's caching. Use a JSON based configuration format (e.g. .markedrc) instead.

There is a marked configuration that converts markdown to HTML. Otherwise just read the markdown string.

  "marked": {
    "breaks": true,
    "pedantic": false,
    "gfm": true,
    "tables": true,
    "sanitize": false,
    "smartLists": true,
    "smartypants": false,
    "xhtml": false


As always, thanks to our amazing contributors!

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