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TSBB is a zero-config CLI that helps you develop, test, and publish modern TypeScript Node.js project.

TypeScript + Babel = TSBB


Quick Start

You will need Node.js installed on your system.

$ yarn create tsbb [appName]
# or npm
$ npm create tsbb my-app -e express
# --- Example name ---------┴ˇˇˇˇˇˇ
# or npx
$ npx create-tsbb my-app -e koa

# npm 6.x
$ npm init tsbb my-app --example express-typeorm
# npm 7+, extra double-dash is needed:
$ npm init tsbb my-app -- --example express-typeorm

$ cd my-project

$ npm run watch # Listen compile .ts files.
$ npm run build # compile .ts files.
$ npm start


create-tsbb initialize the project from one of the examples:

$ npx create-tsbb my-app -e <Example Name>
# --- E.g: ----------------┴ˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇˇ
# npx create-tsbb my-app -e Basic

You can download the following examples directly. Download page.

Command Help

Below is a help of commands you might find useful.


▶ tsbb --help

Usage: tsbb <command>


  tsbb build [options]       Build your project once and exit.
  tsbb watch [options]       Recompile files on changes.
  tsbb test [options]        Run jest test runner in watch mode.


  --entry, -e                Specify the entry directory.
  --env-name                 The current active environment used during configuration loading.
  --emit-type                Emit d.ts type files.
  --no-emit-type             No emit d.ts type files.
  --disable-babel            Disable Babel.
  --no-babel-option          Disable Babel Option.
  --file-names, -f           A set of root files.
  --esm                      Output "esm" directory.
  --cjs                      Output "cjs" directory.


  --version, -v              Show version number
  --help, -h                 Show help


  $ tsbb build                           Build your project.
  $ tsbb build --entry src/index.ts      Specify the entry directory.
  $ tsbb build --esm ./es                Output directory.
  $ tsbb build --use-vue                 To add Vue JSX support.
  $ tsbb build --no-source-maps          No ".js.map" file is generated. (Can't disable babel)
  $ tsbb watch --disable-babel           Disable Babel.
  $ tsbb watch --no-emit-type            No emit d.ts type files.
  $ tsbb watch --no-babel-option         Disable Babel Option.
  $ tsbb watch --babel-option '{"presets": ["@babel/preset-typescript"] }'
                                        Babel Option.
  $ tsbb watch --cjs ./cjs               Watch Output directory.
  $ tsbb build --disable-babel --file-names src/index.ts --file-names src/main.ts
                                        A set of root files.
  $ tsbb test                            Run test suites related
  $ tsbb test --coverage                 Test coverage information should be collected

Copyright 2022

tsbb create

Please use create-tsbb to create an example.

tsbb test

Runs the test watcher (Jest) in an interactive mode.

$ tsbb test                          Run test suites related
$ tsbb test --coverage --no-color    Test coverage information should be collected
export declare type Argv = Arguments<Partial<{
  all: boolean;
  automock: boolean;
  bail: boolean | number;
  cache: boolean;
  cacheDirectory: string;
  changedFilesWithAncestor: boolean;
  changedSince: string;
  ci: boolean;
  clearCache: boolean;
  clearMocks: boolean;
  collectCoverage: boolean;
  collectCoverageFrom: string;
  collectCoverageOnlyFrom: Array<string>;
  color: boolean;
  colors: boolean;
  config: string;
  coverage: boolean;
  coverageDirectory: string;
  coveragePathIgnorePatterns: Array<string>;
  coverageReporters: Array<string>;
  coverageThreshold: string;
  debug: boolean;
  env: string;
  expand: boolean;
  findRelatedTests: boolean;
  forceExit: boolean;
  globals: string;
  globalSetup: string | null | undefined;
  globalTeardown: string | null | undefined;
  haste: string;
  init: boolean;
  injectGlobals: boolean;
  json: boolean;
  lastCommit: boolean;
  logHeapUsage: boolean;
  maxWorkers: number | string;
  moduleDirectories: Array<string>;
  moduleFileExtensions: Array<string>;
  moduleNameMapper: string;
  modulePathIgnorePatterns: Array<string>;
  modulePaths: Array<string>;
  noStackTrace: boolean;
  notify: boolean;
  notifyMode: string;
  onlyChanged: boolean;
  onlyFailures: boolean;
  outputFile: string;
  preset: string | null | undefined;
  projects: Array<string>;
  prettierPath: string | null | undefined;
  resetMocks: boolean;
  resetModules: boolean;
  resolver: string | null | undefined;
  restoreMocks: boolean;
  rootDir: string;
  roots: Array<string>;
  runInBand: boolean;
  selectProjects: Array<string>;
  setupFiles: Array<string>;
  setupFilesAfterEnv: Array<string>;
  showConfig: boolean;
  silent: boolean;
  snapshotSerializers: Array<string>;
  testEnvironment: string;
  testFailureExitCode: string | null | undefined;
  testMatch: Array<string>;
  testNamePattern: string;
  testPathIgnorePatterns: Array<string>;
  testPathPattern: Array<string>;
  testRegex: string | Array<string>;
  testResultsProcessor: string;
  testRunner: string;
  testSequencer: string;
  testURL: string;
  testTimeout: number | null | undefined;
  timers: string;
  transform: string;
  transformIgnorePatterns: Array<string>;
  unmockedModulePathPatterns: Array<string> | null | undefined;
  updateSnapshot: boolean;
  useStderr: boolean;
  verbose: boolean;
  version: boolean;
  watch: boolean;
  watchAll: boolean;
  watchman: boolean;
  watchPathIgnorePatterns: Array<string>;


$ npm i
$ npm run build


As always, thanks to our amazing contributors!

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