Changelog Generator

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This Action returns a markdown formatted changelog between two git references. There are other projects that use milestones, labeled PRs, etc. Those are just to much work for simple projects.

Changelog Generator

I just wanted a simple way to populate the body of a GitHub Release.

- name: Generate changelog
  id: changelog
  uses: jaywcjlove/changelog-generator@main
    token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}
    filter-author: (jaywcjlove|ε°εΌŸθ°ƒθ°ƒβ„’|dependabot|renovate\\[bot\\]|dependabot\\[bot\\]|Renovate Bot)
    filter: '[R|r]elease[d]\s+[v|V]\d(\.\d+){0,2}'

Then you can to use the resulting changelog.

- name: Get the changelog
  run: echo "${{ steps.changelog.outputs.changelog }}"

- name: Create Release
  uses: ncipollo/release-action@v1
  if: steps.create_tag.outputs.successful
    token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}
    name: ${{ steps.create_tag.outputs.version }}
    tag: ${{ steps.create_tag.outputs.version }}
    body: |
      ${{ steps.changelog.outputs.compareurl }}

      ${{ steps.changelog.outputs.changelog }}
      Document Website:${{ }}/index.html


Only use the following Git Commit Messages. A simple and small footprint is critical here.

  1. 🌟 feat Use when you add something entirely new. E.g: feat(Button): add type props.
  2. 🐞 fix Use when you fix a bug β€” need I say more? E.g. fix: Case conversion.
  3. πŸ“– doc Use when you add documentation like, or even inline docs. E.g. doc(Color): API Interface.
  4. πŸ’„ chore Changes to the build process or auxiliary tools. E.g. chore(Color): API Interface.
  5. 🎨 style Format (changes that do not affect code execution). E.g. style(Alert): API Interface.
  6. πŸ†Ž type Typescript type bug fixes. E.g. type(Alert): fix type error.
  7. β›‘ test Add and modify test cases. E.g. test(Alert): Add test case.
  8. 🐝 refactor Refactoring (i.e. code changes that are not new additions or bug fixes). E.g. refactor(Alert): API Interface.
  9. 🌍 website Documentation website changes. E.g. website(Alert): Add example.
  10. πŸ”™ revert Revert last commit. E.g. revert: Add test case.
  11. πŸ’Š clean clean up. E.g. clean: remove comment code.
  12. πŸ“ˆ perf Change the code to improve performance. E.g. revert: Add test case.
  13. πŸ’’ ci Continuous integration related file modification. E.g. ci: Update workflows config.




Error not found

Error: Not Found

If you are seeing this error its likely that you do not yet have a GitHub release. You might have a git tag and that shows up in the release tab. The API this Action uses only works with GitHub Releases. Convert one of your tags to a release and you'll be on your way. You can check out how this repository uses this action and GitHub releases for an example.

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