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Converts markdown text to HTML, Provide command line tools and methods. If you are simply converting a small number of Markdown files (or text) into HTML pages, this is very helpful for you.


Used in Github Actions.

- run: npm i markdown-to-html-cli -g
- run: markdown-to-html --output coverage/index.html

Using With Command.

  "scripts": {
    "start": "markdown-to-html --output coverage/index.html"
  "devDependencies": {
    "markdown-to-html-cli": "latest"

Used in Nodejs.

import { create } from 'markdown-to-html-cli';

const html = create({
  markdown: 'Hello World! **Bold**\n# Title',
  document: {
    style: ['body { background: red; }'],
// => HTML String


$ npm i markdown-to-html-cli

Configure in package.json

The configuration can be specified through --config="config/conf.json", It can be in package.json by default.

  "markdown-to-html": {
    "document": {
      "title": "markdown-to-html-cli",
      "description": "Command line tool generates markdown as html.",
      "style": "body { color: red; }",
      "meta": [
        { "description": "Command line tool generates markdown as html." },
        { "keywords": "store,localStorage,lightweight,JavaScript" }
    "favicon": "data:image/svg+xml,<svg xmlns=%22 viewBox=%220 0 100 100%22><text y=%22.9em%22 font-size=%2290%22>🌐</text></svg>",
    "github-corners": "",
    "reurls": {
      "": "index.zh.html",
      "": "index.html"

Command Help

Usage: markdown-to-html [options] [--help|h]


  --author          Define the author of a page.
  --config, -o      Specify the configuration file. Default: "<process.cwd()>/package.json".
  --description     Define a description of your web page.
  --favicon         Add a Favicon to your Site.
  --github-corners  Add a Github corner to your project page.
  --github-corners-fork  Github corners style.
  --keywords        Define keywords for search engines.
  --markdown        Markdown string.
  --output, -o      Output static pages to the specified directory. Default: "index.html"
  --source, -s      The path of the target file "". Default: ""
  --title           The `<title>` tag is required in HTML documents!
  --version, -v     Show version number
  --help, -h        Displays help information.


  npm markdown-to-html-cli
  npm markdown-to-html     --title="Hello World!"
  npm markdown-to-html     --config="config/conf.json"
  npm markdown-to-html-cli --markdown="Hello World!"
  npm markdown-to-html-cli --github-corners
  npm markdown-to-html-cli --github-corners --github-corners-fork
  npm markdown-to-html-cli --output coverage/index.html
  npm markdown-to-html-cli --source

Markdown Features

Supports for CSS Style

Use HTML comments <!--rehype:xxx--> to let Markdown support style customization.

## Title
<!--rehype:style=display: flex; height: 230px; align-items: center; justify-content: center; font-size: 38px;-->

Markdown Supports **Style**<!--rehype:style=color: red;-->

Support for GFM footnotes

Here is a simple footnote[^1]. With some additional text after it.

[^1]: My reference.

Task lists

To create a task list, preface list items with a regular space character followed by [ ]. To mark a task as complete, use [x].

- [x] #739
- [ ]
- [ ] Add delight to the experience when all tasks are complete :tada:

If a task list item description begins with a parenthesis, you'll need to escape it with \:

- [ ] \(Optional) Open a followup issue


import { ParsedArgs } from 'minimist';
import { Options } from 'rehype-document';
export interface CreateOptions extends MDToHTMLOptions { }
export declare function create(options?: CreateOptions): string;
export interface RunArgvs extends Omit<ParsedArgs, '_'> {
  version?: string;
  source?: string;
  output?: string;
  /** Add a Github corner to your project page. */
  'github-corners'?: string;
  /** Github corners style. */
  'github-corners-fork'?: boolean;
  /** Markdown string. */
  markdown?: string;
  /** The `<title>` tag is required in HTML documents! */
  title?: string;
  /** Specify the configuration file. Default: `<process.cwd()>/package.json` */
  config?: string;
  /** Define a description of your web page */
  description?: string;
  /** Define keywords for search engines */
  keywords?: string;
  /** Add a Favicon to your Site */
  favicon?: string;
  /** Define the author of a page */
  author?: string;
export interface MDToHTMLOptions extends RunArgvs {
  /** [rehype-document]( options */
  document?: Options;
  /** Rewrite Element. [rehype-rewrite]( */
  rewrite?: RehypeRewriteOptions['rewrite'];
  /** rewrite URLs of href and src attributes. */
  reurls?: Record<string, string>;
   * rehype-wrap Options
   * Wrap selected elements with a given element
  wrap?: {
    selector?: string;
    wrapper?: string;
export declare function run(opts?: Omit<RunArgvs, "_">): any;
export declare const cliHelp: string;
export declare const exampleHelp: string;


$ npm i
$ npm run build
$ npm run watch


MIT Β© Kenny Wong