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A feature-rich offline application, carefully crafted to support developers' daily tasks and ensure the highest security for their data.

I am actively developing it with a bold goal in mind: to release updates weekly. I strive to maintain a lean footprint, aiming to curate an extensive collection comprising over 100 utilities, providing developers with a diverse array of tools. This initiative reflects my commitment to continuous improvement, offering rich tools to empower developers. DevHub is more than just a coding companion;

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The following tools have been completed:

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Frequently Asked Questions

DevHub Integrations

Integrations with DevHub are done via URL Scheme. You can use this to integrate with most apps and workflows. For example, integration with Raycast:

DevHub + Raycast

URL Scheme

DevHub supports various commands and parameters that allows you to activate the tool via a URL. For example, you can also use it as a link (e.g. in an HTML page) like this:

<a href="devhub://qrCodeEventGenerator">Click Here</a>

Or from / CLI:

# Enter in or bash:
open "devhub://qrCodeEventGenerator"

Or copy this to your browser address bar and hit Enter: devhub://qrCodeEventGenerator